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User Friendly Website Built By Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Responsive Website Design with Mobile Device Compliance

AGIA's User Friendly Website Adds Mobile Device Compliance

Framework Solutions successfully completed a major responsive website design and platform upgrade for AGIA’s custom insurance portal software. This was done to make a better user experience for customers who access AGIA's already user friendly website and online insurance portal via tablets, smartphones and laptops.

With 18 group websites offering online insurance enrollments, it is vital to keep an already user friendly website up to date by periodically having a responsive website design redone. In AGIA's case they have deployed Framework Solutions to build customized insurance portal software thats designed to keep pace with ever evolving responsive website design and technology.
A Search Engine Optimization Specialist for AGIA

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist for AGIA

When AGIA wanted to increase their website's visibility they knew they had to find the right search engine optimization specialist and that is why they chose Framework Solutions yet again.

Framework Solutions began by pinpointing two key areas that needed goals for immediate improvement - How customers find AGIA via search engines and also how they interact with AGIA's online insurance enrollment storefronts.

In order to achieve these goals, the existing platform needed to be upgraded with a custom responsive website design and be more compliant with mobile devices. This would greatly enhance the entire search engine optimization process and further elevate each website already in AGIA's portfolio.

AGIA Insurance Portal: A Responsive Website Design from a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

The first step in achieving AGIA's goals of better SEO optimization (and increased online visibility) was to initiate the creation of a responsive website design and platform for their insurance services. The Framework Solution team decided to migrate all of AIGA's insurance product websites to the latest Windows 2012 R2 platform. This would enable the leverage of Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 as the hosting environment. This powerful hosting environment combination would then allow for a more streamlined implementation of friendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) action plans that Framework Solutions had already drawn up.

Even More Responsive Website Design

Following up from the SEO action plans within their responsive website design, Framework Solutions embarked on major URL rewrites which would route incoming URL (website) requests through IIS and into the Microsoft SQL Server where the URLs could then be dynamically set.

Results Gained from Improving a User Friendly Website.

These SEO action plans and URL rewrites allowed AGIA's insurance websites to gain higher ranking (thus better visibility) on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. With higher search engine rankings comes extra traffic to your websites and this was no different for all 18 of AIGA's.

To keep these new custom responsive website enhancements performing with these new higher traffic volumes, Framework needed to upgrade the websites to Microsoft’s .NET 4.5 Framework using Visual Studio 2013 which is a HTML5 & CSS3 compliant development environment.

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