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Framework Portal Integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP integration for 2NDGEAR

Framework Solutions has recently deployed integration between the newly migrated Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP for 2NDGEAR, a rapidly growing computer hardware wholesale, retail and computer refurbishing business based in Garden Grove, Orange County. 

The new cloud CRM was previously directly integrated with GP Dynamics for order processing via Scribe integration services however inventory had to be allocated to orders manually. The integration has now been significantly enhanced such that orders now flow into GP via a custom .NET portal, which scans and allocates the orders to available inventory on the way through.

Custom Microsoft Cloud CRM Integration via C# and the Dynamics SDK

Custom Microsoft Cloud CRM Integration via C# and the Dynamics SDK

Inventory in GP is parsed and filtered in the portal before being pushed to custom entities in Dynamics 365 via API calls.

Sales orders come down from the cloud CRM to the portal and automatically allocated against available GP Dynamics inventory.

API calls back to the CRM are used to update the GP OrderID along with customer address information in Dynamics 365.

The Result  =  Huge Labor Savings  +  Faster Order Fulfillment 

eConnect GP integration

eConnect GP integration

eConnect is a Microsoft Great Plains(GP) interface for interacting with the GP accounting system. It allows systems to seamlessly integrate with GP without interfering with any data. This is a programmable interface for creating new customers.

Sales orders are submitted to GP via the Framework portal site with the following features:

  • eConnect for Great Plains 2016
  • Create new and match existing customers and addresses
  • Custom sales order notes
  • GP extensions for sales representatives and sales manager commissions
  • Integration with Avalara tax system
  • Multi-bin and serial number considerations for allocated order quantities

Scribe scripting tool integration

Scribe, a dynamic integration and migration tool that aids in integrating programs together and migrating data, is currently taking the orders down that are put into the cloud CRM and bringing them to the portal database.

The Scribe jobs push CRM sales orders to the portal database including custom sales order fields populated with modified CRM plug-ins. Additional plug-in integrations perform cloud CRM customer and address checking against GP.

The UAT process

The UAT process

Framework conducted testing to set up a configuration of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. End to end UAT began with users submitting orders into the cloud CRM, submission of the orders to the portal site, and Scribe jobs pushing the orders down to the portal site.

Users then assigned an approved commission to the orders and submitted the order to GP. Sales admins proceeded to pick up the order in GP and adjust the order as necessary and post the order for shipping and receivables processing.

End-to-end UAT testing involves the following: 

  • Run a variety of tests including new and existing customers and addresses
  • Varying product types (existing vs. write-ins), ship methods, freight terms and sales persons 
  • Supporting UAT users when any problems encountered and timely resolution

Change begins with our Application Architecture Assessment Process

Learn more about Framework's portal solutions and the benefits of our application architecture assessment process..

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