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Framework migrates 2NDGear from CRM 2011 to Dynamics 365 Online

2NDGear complete migration from CRM On-Premise 2011 to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Online

Software and data development company, Framework Solutions, have just announced their successful online migration of an old CRM On-Premise 2011 system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for one of Insight Investment's subsidiary organizations, 2NDGear.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP Integration

This is just the first phase of a massive overhaul Framework Solutions has been contracted to do for the IT refurbishing and hardware supply company. Implementing a flawless migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 within 2NDGear was a major beginning of Framework’s overall dynamics consultant strategy, which will include future GP eConnect integrations.

A Massive and Flawless Upgrade

A Massive and Flawless Upgrade

Framework Solutions have been working closely with Emad Hanna, an independent consultant from CRM consulting company Ascentren. Under Framework Solutions supervision, the whole team planned, managed and provided leadership to facilitate the evolution of 2NDGear’s infrastructure. At the same time Framework made sure that proper procedures were adhered to in the multi-layered upgrade, which began with moving Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 and 2016 on-prem.

Multi-layered infrastructure upgrades, such as this Microsoft Dynamic 365 led migration, need to adhere to very definitive dynamic consultant strategies. Some of the specifics to Framework Solution’s dynamic consultant strategy for 2NDGear included implementing unique modifications to the entire Javascript code, enabling it to be fully compatible with Dynamics CRM Online. This meant updating old Entity forms to the new Dynamics CRM forms, whilst ensuring a complete conversion of the Scribe integration jobs tool from CRM 2011. This system conversion enabled it to work seamlessly with the new online CRM and GP Dynamics that Framework Solutions again implemented under their dynamic consultant strategy.

Scribe and GP eConnect Integration

Scribe is a powerful integration and migration tool that aids in integrating programs together and migrating data, which helps enable a much smoother and more time efficient business operation for the client. For this reason Framework Solutions team leaders were very keen to keep using Scribe in their GP eConnect integration and overall dynamics consultant strategy plans.

The CRM migration process towards Microsoft Dynamics 365

Whilst following their own dynamic integration plans, Framework Solutions had to extensively prep and examine the 2011 CRM environment, upgrading it in steps to 2013, 2015, and finally, to 2016 in order to fully implement the new online CRM and successfully incorporate full GP eConnect integration. In tandem to updating Javascript code Framework's dynamics consultant plan required a thorough and detailed rewriting of reports, translating them from SQL to FetchXML. It was only then that Microsoft Dynamics 365 could be thoroughly integrated.
Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365

To successfully achieve 2NDGear’s ambitious expansion plans, Framework Solutions decided very early on that the best system to integrate would be Microsoft Dynamics 365. It was felt that this top tier software could greatly help attain the benchmarks, such as the doubling of yearly revenues, that 2NDGear had set themselves. With full GP eConnect integration of their systems, it would be much easier for the subsidiary to take advantage of Insight Investments extensive resources, that were often not fully utilized under the old system.

Other benefits that 2NDGear are enjoying with the installation of Microsoft Dynamics include a vast improvement to:

Global Access - All 2NDGear employees now have a cloud based system that they can access globally using their tablets and phones.

Real Time Work Flows -Instead of IT having to spend time and money writing code they can create web flows which automate their workflows.

Microsoft Outlook Integration - This allows sales staff to efficiently use Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with Dynamics CRM.

Use of Business Rules - The ability to use business rules that run with speed and efficiency further allowing IT staff to add functionality without having to write new code.

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