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Custom Lease Transaction Processing Software for Insight Investments

Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

Framework Solutions announces the launch of DealPro, a custom lease transaction processing application for Insight Investments Corp of Costa Mesa, Orange County.

Insight Investments assists corporations and educational organizations across the US with their technology leasing requirements. Computer and related hardware product leasing contracts are complicated by nature, so Framework approached this situation with an eye to automating both the processing of financial data, and also digitizing all the documents that comprise a hardware leasing contract.

A computer leasing deal could involve tens of thousands of serialized hardware items, and each computer can be comprised of various add-on’s, plus configuration differences. Sorting all this data out was previously a very labor intensive process.

Some of the key challenges were:

  1. Leasing contracts involve a whole plethora of paperwork and sign-offs.
  2. How should each lease contract be funded, internally or 3rd parties?
  3. How can processing these transactions not require a PHD in math?

Featuring tight integration with both Microsoft Dynamics CE (CRM) and the Leasewave Accounting System (ERP) from Odessa, DealPro is designed to automate Insight’s complex computer leasing business. One key component of this existing custom software application is a built-in virtual document generation and storage repository. The users can create whatever templates they require in Word or Excel, and the custom software can push data onto these when processing a specific lease schedule.

DealPro’s key functionality includes:

1. Software Automation By introducing a cloud portal application (DealPro) to sit between the CRM (where the sales originate) and the ERP (where the accounting is done) where automated screens enable the users to easily process transactions and push them into the accounting system.
2. Custom Database A custom database replaced Excel and other manual tools used for data processing.
3. Document Generation The Microsoft office SDK was used to generate pixel perfect, legally defined document outputs.
4. Document Repository Documents are all stored in digital form in the cloud and made available to system users as needed, no matter where they are.


  1. Insight successfully went live on this exciting new software in early 2021!
  2. Previous systems and manual processes were replaced.
  3. System users are able to process deals exponentially faster than they were.
  4. Remote users are now able to interact and work with the digital documents.
A word from Framework

A word from Framework

Alister Harris - CEO, Framework Solutions

“We begin a project like this by conducting interviews with all key departmental personnel and subject matter experts. We then establish a multi-phase technical roadmap and predicated around process improvement and ROI. From there, we complete each development phase with a discovery and analysis of the next phase. As we begin each phase, we confirm deliverables, costs, timeline and ROI, and report all of this to management to get approval to proceed.

I cannot say enough about the brilliant and talented staff at Insight Investments and what a pleasure it has been to develop this innovative software platform for them.”

About Framework Solutions

Framework Solutions is a custom database software firm based out of Los Angeles, specializing in Business Process Engineering, Custom Software Development, and CRM/Financial Systems Integration.

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