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SHOPODEX - A Hosted E-commerce Solution That Fits Your Needs

Selling Online Has Never Been Easier

Everything You Need from a Ecommerce Platform.

Everything You Need from a Ecommerce Platform.

Framework Solutions are happy to announce the successful worldwide rollout of their brand new Ecommerce platform SHOPODEX. This hosted e-commerce solution has been developed by the Framework Solutions team to offer users a well-rounded Ecommerce platform that offers a range of streamlined solutions demanded by potential users in today’s saturated hosted Ecommerce solution market.
Fast start with Shopodex Ecommerce Website Builder

Fast start with Shopodex Ecommerce Website Builder

The Shopodex hosted e-commerce solution enables retailers and wholesalers to quickly get up and running with a sensational custom designed, responsive e-commerce platform website. Known as the Shopodex ecommerce website builder, this part of the platform can deliver each user their own responsive and uniquely designed new storefront website.

Once a customers individual ecommerce platform is operational they will then benefit from numerous CMS, CRM and SEO features built into their website.

Ecommerce Platform Already in its Second Generation

Shopodex has recently been enhanced with a slew of amazing new and improved e-commerce platform features that are not available with many of the competing website hosted ecommerce platforms.

Because everything has been built from the ground up by our expert team of app developers, all websites can be adapted to the exact needs of each customer. This brings real optimization flexibility to each website that is usually associated with a self hosted ecommerce platform.

The Shopodex hosted ecommerce solution allows the user to focus on any area they like and freely change any aspect desired, including the creation of any back-end feature needed.

This is an ecommerce platform that firmly puts the customer in control of their own roadmap, whilst allowing access to all of Framework Solutions expertise.

A Hosted Ecommerce Solution Advantage

For many website storefronts, flexability in building a bespoke ecommerce platform can be their competitive advantage. The Shopodex ecommerce website builder helps them attain this advantage, particularly with the above mentioned ability to build out any back end feature they want to create.

Potentially this freedom to create back end features at will could allow the customer to integrate and customize their entire ecommerce platform search engine. This back end build out could also include adding machine learning features, change how products are filtered and discovered, modify how the payment system checkout works ... The Shopodex hosted ecommerce solution has no limit to its potential impact.

The Technology Supporting the Shopodex Ecommerce Platform

The Technology Supporting the Shopodex Ecommerce Platform Shopodex has been developed on top of Framework's state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET and SQL Server responsive technology stack. This integration into Frameworks technology stack allows for the best possible experience for visitors to any website hosted on the Shopodex ecommerce platform, no matter what device the visitor is on.

Selected Highlights of the Shopodex Hosted Ecommerce Solution

Custom Responsive Site Designs with Shopodex Ecommerce Website Builder

Any website designer can provide a unique responsive site design with the Shopodex ecommerce website builder.

Easy Content Management with Shopodex Ecommerce Website Builder

Significantly reduces the time spent managing an online store-front and posting SEO content.

QuickBooks POS Integration

2-way POS integration means inventory and orders are automatically always up to date.

Customizable Shopping Cart

The shopping cart software can be adapted to the exact needs of retail customers.

Built-in Email Marketing

Enables collection of leads from the website and re-marketing to them with our cloud CRM.

Expert Developers Included

Framework developers migrate sites onto Shopodex, import all data, and customize the website.

Shopodex Hosted Ecommerce Solution: Cost Effective, Scalable and Customizable

Shopodex is priced comparably with other hosted solutions such as Shopify and Big Commerce, but like enterprise e-commerce platforms such as Magento, can be adapted in any way and deployed directly onto any compatible server.

Click here to visit Shopodex and learn more about our amazing e-commerce solution. Also, please feel free to email us any questions you have about Shopodex. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Customers Already Using the Shopodex Ecommerce Platform

Click here to see a gallery of customer websites that were built with the Shopodex ecommerce website builder.

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