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Database Management Systems & Software Development for Mastercook

Software development services for the world’s leading recipe app

Mastercook Database Management Systems house over four million recipes.

Used by leading chefs, restaurants and hotels worldwide, Mastercook has over two million installed users and over four million recipes. The website and its database management systems are so popular that they enjoy over one point five (1.5) million Google search impressions and fifty thousand clicks per month, ensuring its position as the primary go to place for recipes online.

Solid Custom Software Solutions already Installed.

Built on Microsoft's technology stack, the Mastercook database management systems already in place include the original, extensively robust desktop application that was a software development initiated in the 1990's. A more recent addition to the database management systems is the latest cloud version which can be seen at and includes iOS and Android apps.

Custom Software Solutions, Cloud Platform Software Development and Support Services.

As a seasoned cloud platform, database management systems and custom software solutions developer, Framework Solutions has been retained to handle both the ongoing development of the Mastercook website and the database management systems upgrades. Framework are also to provide custom software solutions and software development support for the complex technology environment they are building.

With recent custom software solutions enabling a sophisticated code base developed in Visual Studio.NET and SQL Server, Framework Solution's experienced database programmers and analysts are now actively supporting and enhancing this amazing application whilst integrating Mastercook's current database management systems without any downtown to it's millions of recipes and users.

iOS and Android App development outsourced to India based Software Development Teams

Always looking to provide the most cost effective service, some aspects of support for the custom software solutions Framework developed for Mastercook are best outsourced to reliable partners based in India. Framework Solutions have a long history of reliable and cost efficient project management of outsourced software development and support that is carefully scoped and then coordinated with client input.

SQL Server Expertise and Database Management Systems.

When an application has this much online activity, a high performance, optimized database is key. Framework software development and SQL database specialists have been hard at work streamlining the Mastercook cloud database management systems with optimized queries and data processing, so that cloud users get instant responses no matter how many people are online at any one time.

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