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Framework completes GP integration project for Sessions Payroll.

eConnect Integration with GP Dynamics rolled out at Sessions Payroll

Sessions Payroll, Hollywood's number one movie extra payroll bureau, recently brought in Framework Solutions to head up the now completed integration project of Sessions' custom .Net Payroll Portal with GP Dynamics. This resulted in Sessions Payroll operating on a fully automated accounting system for the first time in the company's history.
GP Dynamics at a Glance

GP Dynamics at a Glance

Microsoft GP Dynamics is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a very user-friendly, multi-flexible and configurable back office accounting system designed to help businesses gain greater control over their financial, inventory, and operation practices.

In short, it can successfully streamline the way a company operates and runs the core aspects of its business.

Main Areas GP Dynamics Can Help With:

- Financial Management and Accounting
- Inventory Management and Operations
- Sales and Service
- Business Intelligence and Reporting
- Human resources and payroll

eConnect at a Glance

eConnect is a Microsoft middleware (The software that lies between an operating system and the applications running on it) which can be used for building integration between Microsoft back-office applications including GP Dynamics. eConnect has a collection of tools, components and interfaces that act as a hidden translation layer to allow external applications like web store fronts, web services and POS systems to programmatically interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Framework Solutions, Sessions Payroll, Microsoft GP Dynamics and eConnect.

Framework Solutions, Sessions Payroll, Microsoft GP Dynamics and eConnect.

As always, a successful integration project requires proper planning and a competent delivery team. With this in mind Sessions Payroll specifically looked for a partner that not only offered expert knowledge of, but also a history of successful deployments with eConnect and GP dynamics.

Some years ago Framework Solutions had created an effective custom .Net Payroll Portal solution for Sessions Payroll . It was natural for Sessions to bring Framework back in to seamlessly install and integrate eConnect and Microsoft GP Dynamics on top of this Payroll Portal.

This involved utilizing eConnect to submit invoice data that would be generated by daily payroll cycles and thus have the invoice data pushed into the GP Dynamics AR module from where automated posting routines would generate General Ledger (GL) entries.

The net result of this second collaboration is that Sessions Payroll can now produce fully automated financials on an 'as needed' basis.

Challenges Faced by This GP Dynamics and eConnect Integration Project

- Migrating accounting data in from QuickBooks.
- Deprecating a manual general ledger accounting process, and replacing it with a fully automated process due to the complexities of determining a starting point.
- The Great Plains multi-company process setup required eConnect calls associate companies with their parent companies to assist in cash receipt posting.

Customized eConnect Functions Built Specifically by Framework Included

- eConnect calls to insert invoices into Great Plains.
- eConnect calls to insert new client companies and parent company associations.
- Nightly Automated SQL Jobs to push the invoice data to Great Plains.
- Email notifications to internal staff of invoice nightly push with relevant reconciliation information.
Framework Solutions Process Behind the Successful Deployment.

Framework Solutions Process Behind the Successful Deployment.

- Build the invoice eConnect call to get the invoice data from the Extrapayroll portal into GP Dynamics.
- Worked with internal accounting team to construct the chart of accounts and post routine.
- Worked with TMC to set up the automated posting.
- Configure and setup test environment.
- Run test transactions through.
- Analyze the resulting G/L accounting entries.
- Resolve anomalies that were identified with the G/L posted entries.
- Baseline the system with G/L account starting positions.
- Setup a weekly automated audit process.
- Worked with TMC and Sessions staff to go live with a new fully integrated, automated E-Dynamics accounting solution.

The eConnect Integration and GP Dynamics Network Solution team:

Framework Solution developers worked closely with GP Dynamics vendor TMC (Technology Management Concepts), based in El Segundo, to build, test, and deploy this integrated payroll solution.

Together they successfully combined Framework Solutions long deployment history of projects using GP Dynamics, eConnect, (in house designed and built software) and SQL applications with TMC's specialized understanding of GP Dynamics.

Stand Out Business Benefit

Sessions Payroll, since completion of this .Net/eConnect/Dynamics GP solution, has saved over 80 hours of manual labor on a bi-weekly basis to synchronize accounting data across systems.

Click on the link to learn more about the custom .Net payroll solution we created for Sessions Payroll Management Inc..

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