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Biorepository Software for Disney Cancer Center

Clinical patient and bio-specimen research

Clinical patient and bio-specimen research

FWSI deploys Biospecimen research database for the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center (and Providence Health) in Burbank, a leading patient-centered treatment facility, equipped with the latest technology focusing on a variety of cancer conditions.

Disney is part of the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, which is known for its state-of-the-art technology and high quality, compassionate care.

In 2007 FWSI developed a leading Biorepository database software application for John Wayne Cancer Insitute (JWCI) in Santa Monica (also part of Providence) to track over 2M cancer specimens across a large freezer bank. The Disney Cancer Center database implementation is the next step in a regional deployment.

Automation of specimen processing makes for better research

Automation of specimen processing makes for better research

The system offer some amazing benefits to researchers:

  • Tracking of patient treatment history
  • Full visit history including diagnosis, treatment and follow up's
  • Highly configurable freezer administration system
  • Specimen bio-repository with built-in consent compliance
  • Tracking patient treatments and subsequent specimens received.
  • Scalable for tracking of millions of vials and test results

Freezer Setup and Administration

Easily setup and configure a variety of different freezer types supported including liquid nitrogen, minus 30 and minus 80 degree models. Both vertical and horizontal freezer orientations are supported.
Clinical Patient Data Management

Clinical Patient Data Management

Patients consent to being on a research protocol, and then clinical diagnosis and treatment data is collected over time.  Relating this data to specimens received on the protocol enables researchers to make best use of the data.
Specimen Receiving

Specimen Receiving

Specimens collected in accordance with the research protocol are then automatically routed to labs for processing and storage. The resulting aliquots are placed in bar-coded vials and carefully tracked as they go through different types of processing over time. One vial will have a history of every process that has occurred to it, and in turn can be further split into two more aliquots.

What’s a Biorepository?

Bio-repository: is a biotic data repository that collects, processes, stores, and distributes specimens for research purposes.

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