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AGIA Affinity Insurance

Insurance Provider AGIA asked Framework Solutions to develop a comprehensive database to facilitate the creation and administration of their policies across all of their affiliates. The resulting system allows AGIA to manage new and pre-existing policies, record and store customer and policy information, and enroll new policy holders online easily from one centralized location.
<div style="text-align: left; width: 900px; color: #fdf4d1; font-size: 15pt; font-weight: bold;"><font style="color: white;">STATS:</font><br />
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Central administration of insurance products for marketing on 18 separately branded websites.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Enrollment supports both <span style="color: #ffcc00;">guaranteed issue and underwritten products</span>.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Easily set up offers, track rate and benefit changes.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Automatically generate carrier certified policy forms.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;"><span style="color: #ffcc00;">Batch export incoming policies</span> into a insurance processing systems including Genelco and Inspro.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Simplifies the complicated enrollment process down to <span style="color: #ffcc00;">5 easy steps</span>.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Handles enrollment of new policy holders from <span style="color: #ffcc00;">18 different affiliate websites</span>.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Collects and manages master policy forms and terms for guaranteed compliance.</li>
<li style="color: #ffff99;">Rate chart selections pre-code incoming enrollments.</li></ul></div>
  • Central administration of insurance products for marketing on 18 separately branded websites.
  • Enrollment supports both guaranteed issue and underwritten products.
  • Easily set up offers, track rate and benefit changes.
  • Automatically generate carrier certified policy forms.
  • Batch export incoming policies into a insurance processing systems including Genelco and Inspro.
  • Simplifies the complicated enrollment process down to 5 easy steps.
  • Handles enrollment of new policy holders from 18 different affiliate websites.
  • Collects and manages master policy forms and terms for guaranteed compliance.
  • Rate chart selections pre-code incoming enrollments.


The insurance portal has four integral components:
  • Insurance Content Management System (CMS)
  • Custom E-commerce Websites
  • Online Enrollment Wizards
  • Automated Insurance Application Processing

How it works:

How it works:

The CMS allows the insurance provider to create unique policies with dynamic price charts that are accessible through the websites of their affiliates. The simplified enrollment wizard allows for policy members to sign up and enroll online from any affiliates' website, where they are pre-processed and exported in batches each day. Once processed, all forms associated with the holder and their policy are collected and stored in the Fiesta internal database. This information can be searched, amended, and utilized for marketing campaigns.

Content Management System (CMS)

The master content administration system enables users to configure insurance policy offers. This includes policy specific verbiage that is displayed during and after the enrollment wizard process, coverage rate charts, and other supporting elements.

Easily Create Dynamic Rate Charts

The CMS has a highly flexible coverage rate chart configurator that allows for a variety of layouts based on age bands or benefit levels.
Easily Create&nbsp;Dynamic Rate Charts

Carrier Certified Compliance

Each offer enrollment copy and rate configuration is versioned to maintain a complete history as part of regulatory compliance. Once offers are created, with a few simple clicks, they can be abled as a stand alone landing page, which in turn are leveraged for email campaigns. This system also includes a series of back-end processes to download online enrollments and process them for exporting.
Carrier Certified Compliance

Master Policy Forms

While the CMS handles E-commerce, the internal database Fiesta was developed to administer pre-existing policies. As the master policy tracking system, Fiesta monitors all the information and forms associated with a policy and its holder.

This information can be updated easily, is stored conveniently in one location  when needed for claims, and can be utilized for marketing efforts.

Master Policy Forms

Insurance Enrollment Wizards

The CMS and Fiesta database would not be able to centralize and manage their insurance policy offering and information from AGIA's many affiliates without a simplified enrollment wizard. The straightforward process is displayed on each affiliate's website with an iframe, allowing for a quick and easy transition for pre-existing websites.

Through a series of basic questions, the necessary information for both guaranteed and underwritten policies can be collected and sent to the CRM and Fiesta database.

Data for automated credit and check handling is also gathered during this process, expediting the recurrent billing process.

And lastly, the enrollment wizard can also aid marketing campaigns, using information from the Fiesta database to send both direct and electronic mail solicitations to new policy holders.

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